Monday, September 10, 2012

9/8/12 Packrafting Upper Resurrection Creek

It was a really nice day. I feel guilty packrafting when it's sunny. Anyways...we hiked up the Resurrection Pass Trail from the Hope Trailhead 7 miles to a footbridge (just before Caribou Creek). We floated about 1.5 miles until we entered a burn area. The main channel split into several channels and numerous strainers were across all of them. I wouldn't recommend floating this upper section.

We also checked out, but did not run, the Cascades. There is a spot on the trail where you can see a boulder the size of a tool shed through the brush on the opposite bank of the creek. This is a good spot to put in above the Cascades. We took a look at the rapids, but not good enough to know if there were more drops or if there was any wood. They looked class II+ to IV. 

We put in below the Cascades about a quarter mile. We ran into one place where there was a sweeper and strainer across the entire channel. It was around a blind corner, but there was an eddy that was very easy to grab. From there it wasn't far to a mini canyon with some II+ drops and waves. After that it was class II back to the trailhead. No more wood either. It was a fun float, but only the Cascades down seemed worth it. It probably goes without saying, but scout the Cascades well. The Sixmile gauge was 9.62ft/0.963kcfs and some of the creek could have used some more water.

 The Cascades


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