Monday, September 3, 2012

8/24-25/12 Delgga Mountain & Paradise Peak

The plan this weekend was to attempt four summits in the Paradise Pass area of Chugach State Park. The weather forecast morphed as the trip approached, and it looked like rain for Friday evening and Sunday, but partly sunny for most of Saturday. This was a pretty good forecast for this summer so we headed out Friday evening on the Crow Pass Trail from Girdwood.

Wind kicked up during the hike and the ceiling dropped as we got intermittent showers. We sidehilled in and out of Clear Creek and continued sidehilling into Paradise Valley. With only a couple hours of light left we decided to set up camp in the lower Paradise Valley. The light rain began as we were setting up our tents and quit early next morning.

We woke up to fog with blue patches. We walked through dense fog until just below Paradise Pass. We climbed up the scree got a view of our options. The peaks across Moraine Pass were obscured by clouds, including our objective Synthesizer Mountain. We could see Delgga Mountain so decided to follow the ridge and connect to Paradise Peak as well. It was a fun scrambly ridge to the summit and down to the saddle between the summits. We had to drop from the ridge occasionally to avoid exposed sections. It was a walk up to Paradise's summit. From there we descended scree slopes back into Paradise Valley. 

Once back at camp we discussed the feasibility of staying another night and trying to climb either Synthesizer or the Kinglets. The evening was turning really nice, but we decided to bail because of the weather forecast. Turns out it was a good decision, because it rained and blew all Sunday in Girdwood. 

Because we weren't able to climb any other peaks it was a little unnecessary to make this an overnighter, but it was sure a nice camp spot. The total distance was 16.8 miles with 7200 feet of elevation gain which would make this a good day hike.

 Hiking down moraines on the Crow Pass Trail.

 Clear Creek

 Sidehilling into Paradise Valley.

 A little alcove to keep our cooking gear dry.

 Paradise Valley

 Two Marmots

 Hiking through the soup.

 Paradise Pass

 Moraine Pass and Grizzly Bear Lake with Pyramid Point on the right.

 Delgga Mountain with Paradise Peak peeking out on the right.

 Paradise Valley

 The ridge to Delgga's summit.

 Paradise Peak

 Summit of Delgga.

 On our way to Paradise Peak.


 Who's on the summit of Paradise Peak? This Guy...

 Looking towards Eagle River.

 Crow Pass and Raven Creek Valley

 Back at camp.

 Cirrus clouds over Raggedtop.

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