Sunday, August 26, 2012

7/26/12 Camp Robber & Grey Jay Peaks

There haven't been many sunny days this summer, so when Tami mentioned a mid-week hike with a good weather forecast, I knew I had to take a day off of work. We decided on Camp Robber and Grey Jay Peaks from Steamroller Pass. This hike (minus Grey Jay) is described in '50 Hikes in Chugach State Park.' 

It was easy hiking on the Crow Pass Trail. We began side-hilling to enter Clear Creek Valley as the Crow Pass Trail drops towards Raven Creek. We followed moraines to a snow bridge over Clear Creek and hiked up scree to Steamroller pass. We followed the ridge to the summit of Camp Robber. There were two sections of third class; we descended below the ridge (on the West side) on the way back to the pass, which avoids one of them. From there it was an east walk to the broad summit of Grey Jay.

It was such a nice day and we started pretty early, so we took lots of time for snacks and breaks. It's easy to loose track of time when it's t-shirt weather in the Chugach. We were out around 12 hours, but I imagine it could be done on a less pleasant day in 9 without running. The hike was 15.6 miles and 7500' of elevation gain.

 Heading up the Crow Pass Trail

 Crow Peak and the new Crow Pass Cabin

 Raven Glacier

 One of the several snow traverses on the trail still lingering.

 Hiking into the Clear Creek Valley.

 Clear Creek Valley

 Climbing towards Steamroller Pass.

 Clear Glacier

 View from Steamroller Pass.

 Scrambly ridge leading to Camp Robber's summit (out of view).

 Camp Robber's summit.

 Crow Peak

 Just before the summit there is a crumbly knife ridge that requires
some straddling.

 Grey Jay Peak

 Archangel Valley and the Kinglets

 Polar Bear Peak

 Organ Mountain

Rubletop (foreground); Bird Peak and Nest Peak (background)

 Descending from Camp Robber's summit.

 Clear Valley

 Clear Glacier

 Turbidite Sequence

 Grey Jay Peak

 Camp Robber Peak

 Archangel Lakes

 Delgga Mountain and Paradise Peak (left center)

 Grey Jay's summit

 Lots of rock banding in the Clear Creek Valley.

Party on the Crow Pass Trail!

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