Wednesday, August 22, 2012

7/20/12 Crow Peak

The original goals of the hike were to climb Camp Robber and Grey Jay Peaks from the Crow Pass Trailhead. We were on the trail at 2pm. When Ben and I reached the Clear Creek Valley we saw a Black Bear across the valley. We watched it as it slowly descended. After getting mauled by a bear recently he was pretty uneasy, and rightly so. It would probably have been pretty dark by the time we were to return and with a bear roaming around we though it was a good idea to try for another peak. I remembered the route the Mountaineering Club followed the previous Fall, so we headed towards Crow Peak. 

Once near Crow Pass again we side-hilled to meet with moraines, and skirted the Crow Glacier, where we began to run into neat layered turbidite formations (formed by landslides beneath the ocean). We followed snow up to a pass between Magpie Peak and Crow Peak. From here it was a ridge scramble up layered rock and scree in the shape of knife blades. We traversed the ridge until we were forced off it to skirt scree slopes below cliffs. Before long we were on Crow Peak's windy summit.

Luckily we had good visibility and views, though it was difficult to stand up at times. We lost the route on the way down and had do gain back some elevation as light was waning. From the pass at the head of the Crow Glacier it was easy cruising back to the trailhead. We arrived back to the car a little after midnight. It was a total of 15.5 miles of hiking with 5600' of elevation, although without the hike into Clear Creek Valley, it would have been considerably less.

Prominent alluvial fan.

 Heading up the Crow Pass Trail.

 Crow Peak (center)

 Raven Glacier
 Raven Creek Valley with Mount Yukla in the distance.

 Side-hilling into the Clear Creek drainage.

 Height of the Clear Glacier during it's last advance is clearly visible.

 Heading back towards Crow Pass.

 Crow Peak and Crow Glacier

 Glacially scoured rock. Notice ripple marks bottom left
(formed during underwater landslides?)

 Turbidite Formation

 Crow Glacier

 Pass separating Magpie and Crow Peaks

 Crow Peak's ridge

 Knife blade shaped scree

 Folded sedimentary layers


 Camp Robber and Grey Jay Peaks

 Magpie Peak

 Crow Pass peaks


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