Thursday, June 21, 2012

5/19/12 Packrafting Lower Resurrection Creek!

Songs: "Kiara" & "We Could Live Forever" by Bonobo

I headed down to Hope for some music at the Seaview in the evening, then packrafting the next day. I woke up a little hung over and sort of ready to float. Resurrection Creek was pretty exciting compared to what I've floated before, and it was sure fun! We hiked from the Resurrection Pass Trailhead upstream about 15 minutes before we inflated the boats and put in. I imagine the water was a little low it being May. There were some fun class 2 waves with some rocks to dodge. As you approach the Hope town site there's a lot of wood in the creek; several large log jams. When you start seeing this you might as well just get out and walk a few minutes to Hope.

 Watch out for wood in the creek!

 It took a little bit before this raft finally popped out.

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