Friday, April 6, 2012

02/18-19/12 Resurrection/Russian Traverse Reconnaissance

I went on a recon trip with Greg, Sam, and Rick from the Mountaineering Club to check out ski-touring conditions in the Resurrection River valley. We ended up getting snowmachine support on the way in so we only had to ski the Exit Glacier Rd. on the way out. We skied to the Resurrection River Cabin and found the flew covered in snow, so we (meaning Greg) ended up shoveling it off so we could make a fire. Tons of snow down there so we were unsure how following the trail would be next weekend from the cabin to Cooper Landing. It was difficult to follow the trail beyond the cabin with so much snow this year. Here's what we found.

Stream crossing.

Wow! So much snow!

Greg shoveling off the flew.

Rick with a trash bag crossing.

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