Sunday, April 8, 2012

03/31/12 Linking Shark's Fin & Eddy's

The weather forecast said mostly cloudy with a chance of rain and snow showers, so we figured that meant sunny. Sunny it was. We also found some pretty soft conditions down low. The snow hadn't refrozen for the last 48 hours.

We headed to the Eddy's lot to find it deserted. We decided to check out the "lower Eddy's lot." There were already some cars there and figured they started a nice skin track. Before dropping into Ingram Creek we skied by a cabin. I'm still not sure of the ownership, but is was in a cool spot. As we followed the skin track we noticed that we were heading towards Shark's Fin. We took this as an opportunity to check out a new area. We even picked up another splitboarder along the way. We would have gone up the ridge a bit further but the skiers were descending a firm crust and didn't look too excited about it.

We boarded back down a ways and crossed Wolverine Creek. We made out way through the forest and eventually found ourselves at the toe of Eddy's. We skinned up until we found some powder, and mostly snowboarded crust on the way down. I'm glad to have gotten some beta on a new place and to have met someone else to splitboard with.

 In other pictures I've seen this cabin on 8 foot stilts. The snow is deep!

 Skinned splitboard skiing!

 Toe of Eddy's

 Shark's Fin

 Wolverine Creek

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