Sunday, April 8, 2012

03/23-25/12 Long Weekend of Solo Exploring from Prospect Heights

The front range doesn't usually have good snow. When the conditions are good they only last a short time before the snow blows away; sastrugi is the norm. However, it sure is nice to drive 15 minutes to the Anchorage Hillside instead of driving an hour fifteen to Turnagain Pass. It's been on my list to check out some places to splitboard around Near Point for some time. I want to be ready with destinations for the short period of time when the conditions are good. I couldn't find anyone to ski with so I chose lower angle terrain without any avalanche danger. None of these places receives the same amount of traffic as Flattop's ridge and subpeaks or Arctic Valley because of the long approach, so fresh track should be easier to find. The snow was terrible breakable sastrugi over the weekend, but it was fun just touring around. Now I have a few new places to visit after the next big dump.

03/23/12 Rusty Gully

03/24/12 Near Point

 The run is framed between the trees.

 Pow shots could be deadly!

03/25/12 Near Pass

 Spring is here, the catkins are popping out!

 Some folks left their mark...turns on Knoya.

 Raised ski tracks. 

 Near Point

 I got a couple good turns in a short section of powder.

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