Saturday, April 7, 2012

02/25-27/12 Resurrection/Russian Traverse Attempt

We headed back to Exit Glacier Rd. to start our attempt to travel the Resurrection River Trail, connect with the Russian Lakes Trail, and end up at the Russian River Campground. This would be about 33 miles over the course of 3.5 days. We had the Upper Russian and Barber Cabins booked for the next couple days, and the Resurrection River Cabin is first come-first served. We ended up not getting snowmachine help, which led to some very boring skiing on the Exit Glacier Rd. The travel in was easy enough, especially after being familiar with the conditions from the weekend prior. We had hoped to camp a few miles past the Resurrection River Cabin, but without support on the road, the cabin (12 miles from our starting point) was as far as we could reasonably make it. We noticed from the cabin log book that some skiers had passed through by cabin from Snug Harbor last weekend, so maybe there were some tracks still out there to follow.

The next morning we packed up and headed up the valley. The weekend prior, we found the trail quite difficult to follow with the deep snow, so we tried to follow the river. As the wet snow came down we encountered gloppy conditions that led to quite a bit of ski-walking as snow clumped on my scales. Paraffin wax helped a little, but I'll be bringing glide paste next warm ski trip. We meandered down the River encountering sections that looked less than solid, then got off the river to ski through alders. It took quite a bit of work to travel only a few miles, so we decided to bag the traverse. It would have been quite a wet night to camp anyways. We eventually found the ski tracks where others had broken trail (on the actual trail) from last weekend. We followed them back to the cabin, but it took the same amount of time to follow their tracks as it did to travel up the river; there were just more ups and downs.

We stayed in the cabin again that night, and headed out the next day. It took quite a bit of time because we had to break trail through a foot and a half of snow that had fallen overnight. Next time we try this trip we'll allot an extra day of travel time. Greg and Sam had planned on continuing up the Resurrection Pass Trail North of Cooper Landing, but they changed their plans a bit. I've attempted three other traverses in this area that didn't work out. Hopefully one will work out next year!

Hitting the trail with Greg, Randy, and Sam.

 Slow down guys!

 On the Resurrection River Trail.

The stream crossing.

 Resurrection River

 Back on the trail; heading back to the cabin.

 A snow bridge collapsed, so we headed through the Alders.

 Breaking trail.

 The Seavey's Ididaride sled dog tours.

Thanks for plowing us in at the parking area DOT. What a dick!

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