Sunday, January 22, 2012

12/24/11 Falling Into Tincan

The snow was supposed to be great, but the weather looked marginal as we got our first look at Turnagain Pass. Hmm, where should we go? It began to occur to me why everyone goes to Tincan. It's kind of the Flattop of Backcountry skiing. The obvious reasons include being able to downhill ski back to your car, lessened avalanche danger in the trees, complex terrain, and no bushwhacking. Today Turnagain Pass was in a cloud bank. We figured we could try to climb above the clouds, and if we were still fogged in at treeline we would have decent visibility in the trees. We ended up climbing above the clouds to Tincan common and staying below treeline the next couple runs due to the flat light. We discovered another reason to like's versatility. The trees remained fun as usual.

The highlight of this trip was my fall into a creek bed. I didn't see it until the last moment, and rode into an 8 foot deep powder chasm. Andy and I had a good chuckle on the way back to the truck.  

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