Sunday, January 22, 2012

01/02/12 Empty Eddy's

It's hard to tell why a backcountry skiing destination is busy or deserted. There were two other groups on the mountain that day who we had little contact with. It was a Monday state holiday, but maybe many didn't get the day off. The forecast called for temps between 0 and 10F. Not terribly cold. We hadn't received any new snow since Thursday, and there had only been a few lines skied on the mountain. Maybe everyone was hungover? Do people like to get drunk more than they like skiing powder? In any case I wasn't complaining. There was lots of fresh snow to be enjoyed by all!

We ended up descending into the upper bowl and heading into the trees. There were some questions of where we'd end up below the trees, but we found a reasonable route. The alders at the base of our run had been covered just enough to ski through. Any less snow and it would have been a royal 'shwack to get to the return route.

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