Thursday, September 22, 2011

09/03/11 Triangle Peak 5455'

Triangle Peak is one of the many destinations accessible from the South Fork Eagle River Valley. It's a pretty straight forward hike that is well described in 50 Hikes in Chugach State Park, so I won't describe it in too much detail. Some interesting natural features in the area are two active rock glaciers you can look down on, as well as amazing views of Cantata Peak & Calliope Mountain. Dropping South off the ridge leading to Triangle also gives good access to less visited parts of Chugach State Park. Our route was 18.5 miles with 3800 feet of elevation gain, and it took 10.5 hours to hike with an hour worth of breaks. Other variations could include following the ridge from Alpenglow Ski Area or Hunter Pass to the summit; another route could descend to Mirror Lake via a rock glacier and follow the valley bottom back to Symphony Lake.

Fall sneaking into the South Fork Valley.

 Triangle Peak & Symphony Lake

The spur ridge between the Symphony Tarns that leads to the main ridge leading to Triangle.


 Rock Glacier

The plateau-like ridge on the way to Triangle.


 Concerto Peak

Scree/Talus heading up Triangle

 Summit Ridge

 Tammi on the summit checking out the register.

 Calliope, Mount Ewe, Ewe Valley, and Concerto

 Calliope looks fierce from many angles.


 View of the massive gully leading to Hurdygurdy's skyline ridge.

Cantata & Mirror Lake

 South Fork Valley

Rock Glacier


 The first time I've seen a deciduous tree impersonate a conifer.

 The <12% grades of the new South Fork reroute should make skiing into the valley much more pleasant.

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