Tuesday, September 6, 2011

08/28/11 Hurdygurdy Mountain 5965'

Hurdygurdy Mountain probably gets overlooked compared to it's neighbors (Eagle Peak, Cantata Peak, and Triangle Peak to name a few), but is still a worthy trip with the possibility of amazing views. The peak is most easily accessed via the South Fork Eagle River Trail. My route followed the trail to the East end of Eagle Lake. From there, gravel bars lead up the valley to waterfalls that empty a massive low-angle gully. Follow a tundra slope on the right of the waterfalls to enter the gully. The gully leads to a saddle between Point 5597 and point 5764. Scramble SE on the ridge to reach the saddle between 5764 and Hurdygurdy. There is 2nd and 3rd class scrambling to reach the broad summit. The trip was 18.5 miles with 5100 feet elevation gain.

Other variations to the summit are possible from the Hanging Valley Trail. From the Eagle River Overlook, follow the North Ridge (Sketchy exposed 4th Class), or scramble up the NE gully (2nd class; corniced through June) to the saddle between Point 5597 and point 5764.

Trail-dozer working on the South Fork Trail sustainable realignment.

New bridge crossing SF Eagle River at the Eagle Lake outlet.

Waterfalls leading from the gully. Follow the tundra ramp on the right to enter the gully.

The Gully

Heading towards Point 5764.

NE gully

Scrambling on the ridge.

Ridge to the summit.


Descending scree from the saddle between 5764 and Hurdygurdy.

Eagle Peak and Lake

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