Tuesday, September 6, 2011

07/21-08/19 Interior AK Trail-Mapping

Working for Alaska State Parks has allowed me to visit some cool parks, and this was the last major mapping trip. In the month that Joe (mapping intern) and I were gone we mapped all the summer trails in Quartz Lake State Recreation Area (SRA) and Chena River SRA, as well as the Delta Clearwater River Water-Trail. While in Chena we stayed in some amazing roadside public-use cabins, camped on the river, and backpacked a few days. After work and on days off, I got to try out my new packraft, and ended up floating most of the river in the park. Here are some of the highlights of the trip!
Chena River SRA

Tok River Overlook Trail.

Testing the raft on the Delta Clearwater.

Pulling raspberries off the roof of the Glatfelder Cabin in Quartz Lake SRA.

Bluff Point Trail in Quartz Lake SRA.

Floating the Delta Clearwater.

Russian fish snacks from the Delta Junction grocery store.

The pipeline up close and personal.

Siberian Larch

Is this the same as no hunting?

Chena River

Chena Fish-Moose

Gravel Bar Camping

The Granite Tors Trail is getting overgrown after the 2004 fire.


Get the rain gear on!

Plain of Monuments

Tor Camp

Getting shuttled to map the new Angel Creek Hillside ORV Trail.

Lower Angel Creek Cabin (the one burned down by firefighters)

Watch for log-jams on the Chena.


Found a fish-moose antler.

Little Chena Dozer Line

New Compeau (ORV) Trail Alignment. The Dozer Line it will replace is quite steep.

Forced nap.

Hunt Memorial Cabin...nice!!!

Poutine at the Chena River Cabin.


Trail Dozer

Chena Dome Trail

Joe using his ultralight REI stake mallet.

1950's plane crash

Chena Dome communications building

I'm about to mob through this!

Vicious butterflies were attacking us all day.

The Chatanika float didn't work out.

I found the monument next to the barrel...the GPS works!

Angel Rocks Trail

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