Sunday, August 21, 2011

06/18/11 Four Mile Creek Circumnavigation

This trip circumnavigated the Four Mile Creek drainage that drains into Peters Creek in Chugach State Park. There were three summits on the route including Mount Eklutna (4110'), Peak 4040, and Peak 5505. Access is via the Peters Creek Trailhead. Steve, Vicki, and I started around 9 and finished about 12 hours later. We took our time and took breaks along the way, so it didn't seem all that far. The trip was ~17.2 Mi +7100.'

Heading towards Mount Eklutna.

Bold Peak looks like it's mock-erupting today!

Wide open ridge-walking on our way to Peak 4040.

Heading to Peak 5505.

The glider looks like it's running into Steve's head.

When we were on the summit of Peak 5505 we saw a couple gliders. One made several passes near us. It was pretty amazing seeing one so close flying almost silently. We could hear the displaced air as it flew 50 feet above us!

A short but sweet glissade.

On the Peters Creek Trail we noticed significant defoliation of the trees and shrubs. Over the past few years there has been a Geometrid moth outbreak in Southcentral Alaska. We could hear the caterpillars munching as we walked, and were covered in them by the time we arrived back at the trailhead.

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